Giving Voice to Ideas – His Endeavors

Construction of Monument of AIRBLUE MARTYRS

Hanan strongly demanded the construction of monument in the memories of 152 martyrs of AIRBLUE plane crash at Margalla Hills. He also met with the chairman, viagra sale here Capital Development Authority (CDA) with his delegation, side effects and presented a comprehensive framework about the construction of Margalla monument. The CDA constructed the monument compliant with the recommendations proposed by Hanan Ali Abbasi.


As a president of the National Youth Assembly (NYA) Hanan Ali Abbasi has launched “Youth Councilors campaign” across the country to scoop a talented youth at grass-roots level in line with the local government system. Government of Pakistan endorsed this concept and mentioned it in recent Local Government ordinance.

Highlighting the importance of Administrative units in the country

Hanan Ali Abbasi proposed the formation of new administrative units in the shape of new provinces for the better delivery of public services. Hanan staged a peaceful protest in the favor of establishing new administrative units at Aabpara chowk on March 28th, this 2010, and represented this cause at media.

Presenting new concepts of Education through Media

Hanan has also presented unique concept of Education through Media, allocation of reserved seats for Youth in real parliament, and demanded National Media commission comprised of retired judge of Supreme Court and senior journalists to control media.

Initiate Go Green Youth – A Tree planting campaign

Considering forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people, Hanan started a tree-planting campaign – Go Green Youth – by mobilizing great young human resource of the country. The Capital Development Authority agreed to establish working relationship with his organization for joint tree planting campaign. Hanan believes that forests are the only natural industry which produces oxygen and according to international standards, area under forests should form at least 25 per cent of the total land inhabited by a human population. But the area covered by forests in our country has been reduced to about 4.8 per cent of the total land. In such circumstances we should plant more and more trees. In this regard, the National Youth Assembly participated in a grand public awareness walk conducted by the CDA as a key supporting organization. Having substantial human resource in the form of members and volunteers of NYA, the National Youth Assembly has set a target to plant fifty-thousand saplings in the country, and CDA and other related organizations would help the NYA in this regard.

Tree planting Campaign

He also initiated a nationwide tree planting campaign by planting 300 trees in the green area of F-10/1, Islamabad in the collaboration of Capital Development Authority, CDA.  Later, under this campaign, thousands of trees were planted in various districts of the country to boost the eco-credentials.

Kohsar University

A university for Murree/Abbottabad (Kohsar University) was the long-standing demand and dream of Hanan Ali Abbasi, which now has partially realized with the official announcement of new campus of University of Punjab for Murree/Abbottabad. Throughout his campaign, Hanan Abbasi had been utilizing all his resources and putting his selfless effort for the establishment of the university. He propagated the concept of university in every platform, and at all levels like governmental, social, media (print, electronic), etc. After all, his two-year rigorous, unyielding struggle bore fruit. People from different segments of lives highly lauded his great effort, and termed that his landmark achievemen