As successful Young Author

 A curious mind finds itself amidst books, mind in his teens Hanan became an avid explorer of books. Hanan Ali Abbasi possessed God gifted writing skills; he polished those skills by constant reading and writing. He wrote many thoughtful columns and articles. He penned down his first article in his early teens entitled “Mera Gaoun ENG- My village” in country’s most famous newspaper “Nawa-e-Waqt” when he was only 14 years old. He jotted down his views and feelings in his two widely read books “Zameeni Sitare” and “Cheen Se Bartania Tk”.

Zameeni Sitaray (EN: STARS OF EARTH)

 His love to read biographies led him to write “Zameeni Sitare”. It is a detailed analysis on 50 personalities who matter the world. This book was officially provided to the different schools of 2 largest districts of country by government. He was 19 years old when his book got published. The launching ceremony of his book was attended by dignities of country. He was being highly appreciated on such a inspiring piece of writing. Hanan Ali Abbasi is one of those rare individuals whose writing has changed the way people think; he is influential yet witty.


Institute of Policy studies Islamabad has published a brilliantly written travelogue CHEEN SE BARTANIA TAK, which is authored by a young change activist, author and social worker Hanan Ali Abbasi. Hanan Ali Abbasi whole heartedly shared his experience of tours to China and Britain in his book “Cheen Se Bartania Tk”. The book cover and prelim pages of the travelogue include introductions to the author and his work by eminent national figures like nuclear scientist and columnist, Dr Abdul Qadir Khan, eminent poet Iftikhar Arif, former senator and secretary-general foreign affairs, Akram Zaki, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, DG-IPS Khalid Rahman, Bridagier (retd) Iqbal Shafi (SI), Guinness Book of World Record holder Pakistani student, Ali Moeen Nawazish and many others. Cheen say Bartania Tak is masterworks that readers carry with them over a lifetime.

Launching Ceremony of Hanan Abbasi’s 2nd Book

“No leadership can be truly competent without readership. Today’s book launching ceremony is an inspiring event for the youth because the author Mr. Hanan Abbasi is himself is a young man. The decrease in book readership signifies the fact that the culture of book reading is waning which is a matter of great concern for the academics. We are involved in shaping new leadership of the country, for which we must move heaven and earth to promote book reading among our youth because books are still the most valid source of perpetuation of knowledge. Electoral process is in full flow at the moment. I advise you to cast your vote to involve yourself in the democratic process. I congratulate Prof Shabber Hussain Shah Director SSC and Sheikh Abdul Rashid Director Media and Publications and others who have contributed towards the successful organization of this book launching event”. These views were expressed by Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin Vice Chancellor University of Gujrat (UOG) in his opening address to the book launching ceremony of Hanan Ali Abbasi’s travelogue “From China to Britain” A documentary pertaining to the contents of the book was shown to the participants. Registrar UOG Dr. Tahir Aqil in his address appreciated the managers of the event. He termed it as a perpetuation of book reading culture, and academic growth. He appreciated the observation power of Mr. Hanan Abbasi and also praised him for his strategy of appealing to different age groups from children to old age.

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